Festival Hacks to Make Your Time at a Music Festival a Little More Enjoyable

Festival hacks are a huge part of the British summer and, whether you’re an EDM fanatic or prefer country music, there is a festival out there for you. With that in mind, we’ve got some great music festival hacks to help make your time a little bit more fun!

Getting everything you need for a weekend at a festival into your rucksack can be a real challenge. These awesome festival hacks are sure to help you stay organised.


A wardrobe staple for festival-goers, wellies are a stylish and practical addition to any outfit. They can protect your feet from the rain and mud and look great when teamed with a floaty dress or skirt. You can even wear them with tights or socks for extra comfort and warmth. There are plenty of different colours and patterns to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair to match your festival look.

Whether you want to rock a bohemian style or keep it classic, wellies are the perfect footwear for your festival outfit. Pair them with a floral or patterned sundress and a wide-brimmed hat for a feminine look, or team them with denim shorts and a denim jacket for a casual vibe. Add some jewellery and a t-shirt to complete your look.

The popularity of wellies at festivals has grown in recent years, partly because the boots are easy to wear with almost any outfit. The shoes were first popularised by Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, who asked his shoemaker to make a pair of waterproof boots that would be comfortable for riding horses. He was so fond of his new footwear that he took them with him on military campaigns and other outdoor activities.

Today, wellies are worn all over the world. They are a practical choice for farmers and workmen, who can use them to work in muddy conditions. They are also popular with children and dog walkers.

In recent years, wellies have become a fashion trend, with designers like Vivienne Westwood creating a line of funky shoes. They are also worn by celebrities at music festivals like Glastonbury. The trend has grown so popular that a group of Glastonbury veterans have formed the ‘Wellington Wellies for Life’ project to change the number of wellies that end up in landfill sites.

For those who are not into the bold patterned wellies, there is another option – ankle wellies. These are the same as knee-high wellies, but they have a shorter shaft and are perfect for wearing with tights or socks. They are also great for layering with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.


Whether you’re a festival veteran or a first-timer, there’s always room to improve your music festival experience. While most people know about the importance of packing essentials like MDMA supplements and tents, there are plenty of lesser-known hacks that can make your weekend a lot more enjoyable.

For example, you can use tape to help keep your wellies waterproof and protect them from mud and dirt. Plus, you can use it to patch up your tent or sunnies if they get sat on. It’s always good to bring a few rolls of tape with you, especially if you’re going camping and may need to do some quick repairs!

Another great hack is to carry some loo roll with you at all times. This is an absolute lifesaver, especially if you’re using the portaloos and it’s packed to capacity! Wanda swears by this festival hack and claims it’s saved her more than once.

You can also use tape to make a practical festival totem in the shape of a giraffe to help you and your friends find each other at festivals! Simply stick three cans together and hold them in place with gaffer tape. Then affix several strips of tape lengthwise until the pipe of cans is completely covered. To finish off, add eyes and a mouth with more gaffer tape and you have a fun giraffe festival totem!

Bin Bags

Festival season is fast approaching and whether you’re a first-timer or an old hand, these festival hacks are sure to make the experience that much more enjoyable. From wellies to bin bags, these simple tricks will help you prepare for the whirlwind that is a music festival.

While some festivals will provide rubbish bags, it’s always best to be prepared and pack your own roll of eco friendly bin bags. These are available in a range of sizes and can be used in the same way as plastic bags (to protect your clothes from rain, or to collect your biodegradable plates etc). Plus, they’re much nicer to look at than a pile of discarded plastic!

Bin bags have a whole load of uses at a music festival, they’re especially useful for protecting your stuff from the rain. You’re also going to want to use them to collect all your rubbish and take it to the designated waste points. That way you can leave the site as clean as you found it!

Another unobtrusive but invaluable festival hack is to carry a roll of loo roll. Even though it might seem a little gross, it’s often needed at festivals when portaloos run out of toilet paper! Wanda once had to spend a long time squatting on the floor of an empty toilet, and she can’t imagine what she would have done without her trusty roll!

It’s worth bringing some sort of lock to secure your tent. A lock and key can be a great deterrent, as it will stop others from entering your tent and possibly taking your belongings. It’s a good idea to find one that has a strong code, so no-one can guess what it is, and make sure you write the code down somewhere safe.

Frozen Water Bottles

Festivals are the best way to see your favourite bands in epic outdoor spaces, but they can be challenging, too. From sweltering weather to queues for food and drink, there are some simple hacks that will make your time at a music extravaganza so much more fun and enjoyable.

One of the most surprising and unknown cooler hacks is to freeze water bottles ahead of the event. These take longer to melt than ice cubes, so they can help to keep your food and drinks cold for longer, making them perfect for multi-day festivals. For added hydration, be sure to bring along a BoomBoom nasal inhaler – this handy device helps to clear your sinuses when you’re feeling stuffy or exhausted.

Frozen water bottles can also be used to chill beer and other chilled beverages – simply add them to the bottom of your cooler, and they’ll help to keep everything cool for longer. This tip is ideal if you’re planning on camping at the event, or simply want to ensure that you’ll have plenty of chilled drinks throughout the day.

It’s also a great idea to save old plastic water bottles ahead of the festival, as these can be frozen and then used for drinking purposes later on. This will help to reduce your waste and can be a good way to save space in your cooler, too.

If you want to do something a little more scientific, grab some ice and rock salt, and get ready to watch liquids turn to slush in an instant! The science behind this trick is called nucleation, and it encourages molecules to latch onto a solid surface. You can give it a try by shoving two refrigerated water bottles deep into a bowl of ice and scattering a generous amount of rock salt over the top of them. Then, stick a thermometer in between the bottles and monitor their temperature.

When the water is just below freezing, gently remove one of the bottles from the ice/salt and hit it sharply against the surface. You should notice ice crystals form immediately, and the bottle will quickly turn into a slushy slush as it begins to melt from the inside. The same experiment can be repeated with a second bottle, and the results will be identical.